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Innovative facade constructions solutions by Seufert-Niklaus.

It is always the first impression that counts. This is not only true of people but also of buildings. This is why we market architecturally stimulating facade constructions that harmoniously accentuate the character of your building, making people interested to find out what goes on inside.

As well as an elegant design, functionality is a top priority with all Seufert-Niklaus facades. Accordingly, our innovative facade solutions made of timber, timber-aluminum, aluminum and glass meet all energy requirements. The regulate light effectively and help to create a healthy, environmentally friendly and motivating indoor climate.

Timber-aluminum facades

Classy and light on the outside – natural on the inside. Facades made with a combination of timber and aluminum are synonymous with high-quality design and hardwearing durability and with warmth, sustainability and a fascinating range of workmanship and creativity. Based on this unique symbiosis, we create highly modern, low-maintenance facades with a classic look and a healthy, natural indoor climate.

  • Post-and-beam facades
  • Timber-aluminum add-on constructions
  • Fire protection facades with seamless transitions to standard facade
  • High anti-burglar security (e.g. all RC classes)
  • Exceptionally robust surface through UV coating
  • Many colourless, transparent and opaque variants
  • All typical timber types (e.g. oak, larch, pine, spruce)
  • Timber from sustainably managed forests (PEFC/FSC-certified)
  • In accordance with DGNB and LEED standards

Aluminum-glass facades

Aluminum is the lightweight metal of choice, offering not only numerous design and workmanship options but also a whole host of structural and cost-efficiency benefits. In spite of its light weight, it is robust, durable, easy to clean and resistant to both burglars and the elements. Combined with glass, it brings out the best in virtually any building, rendering them transparent, spacious, open and elegant. Our flexible modular systems by Schüco and Hueck allow plenty of creative solutions, paving the way for a wide range of facade designs.

  • Post-and-beam facades
  • Structural glazing and element facades
  • Facades with concealed integrated opening elements
  • Fire protection facades with seamless transitions to standard facade
  • Sophisticated skylight constructions such as glass domes, pyramids or round arched vaults
  • High anti-burglar security (e.g. all RC classes)
  • In accordance with DGNB and LEED guidelines


School in England

Media library in Halle, lit up © by Werner Huthmacher

Media library in Giebichenstein

session music store in Walldorf

Student residence in Aschaffenburg


Health centre in Esslingen

Baltschug BH-18, Moskau

Baltschug BH-18 in Moskau

Baltschug BH-18, Moskau: View at russian embassy

Baltschug BH-18 in Moskau: view at russian embassy

Lufthansa Aviation Center, Frankfurt

Lufthansa Aviation Center, Frankfurt

Hochschule Infanteriestraße, München

Hochschule Infanteriestraße, München

Maria-Ward-Schule, Bamberg

Maria-Ward-Schule, Bamberg

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